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Welcome to the amateur radio homepages of Mike G0MJW/AD6XY. My interests are VHF upwards, as reflected here, though I have recently become interested in 10m. These pages are a bit like the M25, i.e. always under re-construction but often moving slowly.

Amateur Radio Station

I have a UK Class A radio amateur license, G0MJW and a US Extra Class License, AD6XY and I am occasionally active on the bands from home in South Oxfordshire, England. More rarely those days, I take part in contests. The majority of my activity is taken up in constructing equipment, I build it, then test it, fix it and then put it away in a cupboard. Here is a link to some pages that contain details on my amateur radio station.


I, like everyone else, have collected quite a bit of data over the years. Some of this data is held here. I have concentrated on stuff appropriate to DXing, so you will find things like valve data, microwave info pointers to DX clusters etc.

The G0MJW/AD6XY Valve Pages



National Societies

ARRL The Amateur Radio Relay League

RSGB The Radio Society of Great Britain

Beacon Lists

144 MHz

432 MHz


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