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My interests are VHF upwards, as reflected here, though I have recently become interested in 10m. I live in Oxfordshire, at only 50m ASL, so long distance working at VHF and above is improbable from this location. In addition, the closely packed housing (18/acre) here in the South East means that the background noise level is very high. 10 metres is another story, I put up a small beam and made contacts into all USA states in one week in March 2000 - the band was wide open.


Equipment & Bands

I am active on all bands from 1.6 MHz to 2320 MHz, plus 5.7 GHz and 10 GHz. I am working on equipment for 24 GHz. More details for the individual bands are linked above. However, I do not have enough mast space to deploy aerials for all bands at the same time. Usually, HF, 144 MHz and 432 MHz beams are up, plus one other. My mast is a 7m Tennamast that, with the rotator cage and head pole on top, is around 10 metres high when fully raised. The Tennamast has been very good. It is telescopic and tilts over so working on the aerials is easy. The mechanics are designed for Scotlands' gales but I have so many aerials on it I lower it when the weather is bad. The short head pole requires that all the antennas be close to each other, which has some detrimental effect on their performance. It is better than nothing, I can't afford anything bigger as, apart from planning considerations, I have to avoid overhead cables and a main road if the mast ever falls down.

The station QTH details are:

QTH Locator
County Oxfordshire
Postcode group OX


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