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23cm Station.

The driver rig on 23cms is the Icom IC910X. My home station aerial for 23cms used to be a 44 element JVL quadloop that worked well but recently I was seeing weak signals. I swapped it for a 23 element tonna which was about 10 dB better receiving GB3MHL, I have no idea why the quadloop went so bad but for the moment I am sticking with the 23 element tonna. I have one of the longer 55 element tonna yagis to put up. I originally built a single 2C39 producing around 50W, then built an SSPA of G3WDG design, made from a pair of Mitsubishi PA modules producing 35W. The SSPA was mast mounting and included a low noise preamplifier. On the basis that 35W at the antenna is better than 50W at the end of 10m of LDF450 I used the SSPA for many years. I now have a 100W SSPA, which can go on the mast or in the shack.

23cms amplifier and 13cms transverter+amplifier on the mast


The old 23 cms SSPA
Old 23 cms SSPA Topless





Last Modified 24 August, 2008