The Fundamentals course covers Propagation in free space, Plane waves, Maxwell's, Poynting vectors, Field strength against distance, Line of sight propagation through the atmosphere, specific attenuation, the atmosphere with height, lapse rates of temperature, humidity, pressure, Snell's law and refractive index of air, N - units, Water vapour vs height, 4/3 Earth approximation, Inversions, Ducting, Scintillation, Gaseous Absorption, Rain Hydrometeors rate, Non line of sight propagation effects, The path profile, Diffraction, Fresnell Zones, Knife edge diffraction, multiple knife edges, Deygout, Reflection, Scattering, Surface roughness, Phase changes, Horizontal vs Vertical polarisation, Rayleigh/Mie scattering, concept of channel variability over time, PDF, CDF, clutter from vegetation and buildings, Channel characteristics, variation with frequency, Fast Fading, Multipath, Rayleigh/Rician formulation, Slow fading, Coherence, Delay & delay spread, Doppler & Doppler spread, Terrestrial Channels, Satellite channels, Link budget calculations, noise, noise figure, Boltzmann's constant, background noise temperature, antenna noise temperature, channel modelling, Site specific, site general and statistical models, mean error, standard deviation, and testing variables.

Terrestrial line of sight systems, LOS Propagation effects & appropriate models for each Reminder about system availability, Diversity antennas, Trans-horizon effects, Models based on curves e.g. ITU-R P.1546, Coverage vs building blockage propagation into buildings, propagation within buildings. Example - a WiMAX deployment Fixed Satellite systems, The particular issues due to slant path, Rain fading along slant path, Models for rain rate, Path reduction factor, Fade mitigation, Scintillation. The Ionosphere, Faraday rotation, Path length and GPS, ITU-R models, mobile phone systems,

Mobile systems, Cell types Macrocell microcell picocell, Mobile Channel, Satellite mobile, Shadowing, MIMO Channels, Path Loss models.Okumura/Hata, COST-231 Walfisch-Ikegami, Rayleigh/Rician formulation, Slow fading, Coherence, Delay & delay spread, Doppler & Doppler spread.