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(You would have think I might have learned more about it by now)

This is the top level page of my site and is kept short for all those of you without fast connections. There is help and advice in my microwave propagation tutorial. This course (see syllabus) actually covers from a few MHz, to many GHz and looks at the fundamentals, with more detail on propagation for mobile, mobile satellite and fixed links/WiMax systems. Here is a copy the talk I gave at the 2006 Microwave Round Table. There is also my list of constants and useful equations, some amateur radio data, with my 6m, 4m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm and microwave systems, some data on valves and in the Metalwork section, some pictures of Myford ML7, Super 7 and Hobbymat lathes. The Wireless Networking section contains details on WiFi IEEE 802.11 WLAN and IEEE 802.16 BFWA/FBWA WiMAX systems. There is some propagation related software in the software section. Conversion details for an Elecraft XV50 to 70MHz are here.

If you are interested in Aerials or Antennas, look here and of course at the web publication for antenna studies antenneX (


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Wireless Networking Information
A Microwave Propagation Tutorial
Useful Equations
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Software for Path Prediction
Metalwork, Lathes etc.
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